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Are Vacuum and Forceps Deliveries Safe?

Understanding the Use of Birth Assistance Devices

When a baby’s head is awkwardly positioned and can’t pass through the birth canal, it may be necessary for doctors to use birth assistance devices. When used properly, vacuum extractors and forceps can be a safe way for doctors to help deliver your baby. However, it’s important to understand the possible risks associated with these birth assistance instruments.

Vacuum Extraction Delivery

When vaginal delivery isn’t progressing, a doctor may use a vacuum extractor. A vacuum extractor is a suction cup with a handle that is placed on the baby’s head to help ease the baby out of the birth canal. When misused, vacuum extraction can pose the following problems:

Forceps Delivery

Forceps may be necessary if labor is prolonged, there are health risks to the mother, or a baby may is in fetal distress. Forceps can be described as large spoons and applied to the baby’s head to help move the baby through the birth canal as the mother is pushing during contractions. Improper use of forceps during the delivery process can have the following risks to the mother and baby:

  • Bruising to the face and head
  • Facial palsy (temporary weakness to the facial muscles)
  • Fractures or bleeding within the skull
  • Seizures

Has Your Baby Suffered a Birth Injury? We Can Help

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