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Head Cooling & Hypotherma

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Head Cooling and Hypothermia Therapy Lawyers in New Mexico

Was Your Infant Not Offered Available Treatment? You May Be Able to File for Compensation.

When an infant experiences oxygen deprivation during delivery, they may suffer injury to their brain. A new treatment, known as either head cooling or hypothermia therapy, could help mitigate some effects of a lack of oxygen. As the name suggests, the treatment entails reducing the body temperature of the infant for a certain amount of time. This can delay and prevent the ongoing death of brain cells, which may occur in the hours and days after an infant experiences birth asphyxia.

Given the benefits hypothermia therapy may provide to an infant who has experienced oxygen deprivation during birth, doctors and medical facilities in New Mexico should administer this treatment if they have the means to do so. Those that do not have the necessary equipment or staff onsite should recommend your infant for transport to a facility that can help. Bandas Law Firm represents families whose children did not receive hypothermia therapy and should have, or who improperly received hypothermia therapy.

Learning that your baby has received preventable brain damage is tragic. If you are in this situation, you deserve compensation to help you provide the specialized care your child needs. However, proving medical mistakes is complex, even when the most fragile and complex part of the body is not involved. Our birth injury team works with top experts in the U.S. in birth trauma to review medical records and treatment studies. We can help you find and prove a doctor’s negligence if your infant did not receive the much-needed treatment that could have improved their condition.

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About Hypothermia Therapy (Head Cooling)

During hypothermia therapy, specialized equipment is used to keep an infant’s head or body at a temperature of 91-93 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 3 days after their birth. As a treatment that can impede cascading processes that cause the death of brain cells, the therapy should ideally be started within 6 hours of birth. A head cooling cap may be placed on the infant’s head to achieve this temperature reduction of the head alone, or the infant’s whole body may be cooled using a device that circulates cold water under or through a blanket that the infant is placed on during therapy.

Hypothermia therapy can offer the following benefits:

  • It can delay the death of brain cells damaged by a lack of oxygen
  • It can reduce the effects of excitotoxicity, in which brain cells die due to excessive neurotransmitter levels
  • It can prevent apoptosis, or programmed cell death, that can be triggered by hypoxic-anoxic brain injury.

By slowing these damaging internal processes, hypothermia therapy can reduce the severity of conditions like hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). Brain damage can be a devastating injury for a person of any age—and an infant who sustains such an injury will have the entire course of their life changed.

Learn if You Have a Case for Compensation

When the team we have trusted to bring a new family member into the world fails their duty, the birth of a child can be tinged with heartbreak. Aside from the intense emotional cost, brain injuries can result in higher developmental needs that may be costly. With a birth injury claim, you could be able to recover compensation to ensure your baby has access to the best care possible.

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